Data Mining Black Triangle UFOs

Black triangle UFOs are an enigma and there have been 430 sightings that reference this exact phrase in the NUFORC since 1994.

NUFORC Black Triangle UFO Sightings by State

I have a fascination with weird patents, especially in the category of “unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems“, so I thought it would be interesting to see the similarities between reported sightings and two of my favorite patents (this one and this one).

Check out my Youtube video to see the weirdness that I discovered.

Many thanks to Tim Renner for making the NUFORC UFO sightings dataset available on Here are a few additional insights after analyzing the data.

This first chart is not too surprising. More populated states tend to have more reported sightings.

Black Triangle US UFO Sightings by State Since 1994.

Black triangle UFO sightings by state since 1994

This next chart tracks number of sightings over time. The reports are amazingly consistent, since 2006 on average there are two black triangle UFO sightings per month.

Black Triangle US UFO Sightings Over Time – 30 Day Moving Average

Black triangle UFO sightings over time

This next one shows the words that are most frequently included in the sightings reports. I used a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm and looked for common 2 or 3 word groupings (ngrams). Not too surprising that “black triangle” would be the number one description in black triangle UFO reports.

What’s more interesting is the common theme of white and red lights, large object, moves slowly and is silent.

Black triangle US UFO Sightings – Frequent Terms

Black triangle UFO sightings common terms

In 430 sightings, 53 included the term “huge”, 131 included “large” and 103 contained the term “silent”.

For the next one I attempted to group the 430 sightings by common terms. You can see 7 clusters with the most common 10 words. What’s interesting here is group #3 where the witnesses were concerned about anonymity. Group #5 associates corners with colors.

Black Triangle US UFO Sightings – Clusters by Description

Black triangle UFO sightings clustered terms

My takeaway after this deep dive into black triangle UFO sightings is two-fold:

First, there has been an amazing consistency in both the frequency of sightings and what has been described.

Secondly, we’re never going to be able to move forward in understanding what’s actually happening without hard evidence. Witness testimony serves a purpose by bringing attention to the subject, but without measurable physical evidence there can be no conclusions.