Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build – G. Harry Stine

Originally published in 1992, this esoteric classic is not available electronically and can be difficult to find.

The author details several simple anomalous devices and then challenges the technical community and amateurs to build them and then try to figure out why they work.

Among the devices covered are dowsing rods, energy pyramids, pendulums, and symbolic machines. There’s plenty here to fall deep into the rabbit-hole of pseudoscience, but what makes this book exceptional is the author’s open mind and the rational discourse on esoteric topics.

Mr. Stine claims that he’s made many of these machines work himself and his hope is that his readers may be able to “design, carry out and validate a repeatable experiment that will lead toward the development of a viable hypothesis”.

Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build

ISBN-13: 978-1560870753 ISBN-10: 1560870753

Given what this website is all about, I couldn’t agree more.

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