Which Pi am I?

Typically all of my projects are built with single board computers.

I typically use Arduinos, BeagleBones or Raspberry Pis depending on the specific use case.

If you’re like me and have been doing this for a while, you probably have several versions of the pi laying around, and it’s not always immediately obvious which version you’re holding.

This is important for things like understanding CPU and memory specs, pinouts and available peripheral ports.

Here’s a great site that has a table of all available models and makes it really easy to identify a board.

Because sharing is caring.

If you have access to a shell you can also find your Pi version by issuing a cat to /proc/cpuinfo:

Find the Revision number (second field from the bottom) and then compare to the table below.

Can’t find your Pi? Check here for the most up-to-date listing.

Engineering Notes

When I build things I like to document the engineering end. These are tips and tricks or links to hardware or coding documentation somewhere. These posts are not presented in any particular order, I’ll probably use as a reference to save time in the future. I hope you find them useful.