Below are links to research articles that I’ve found particularly interesting. They are presented in no particular order. As I find stuff I like I will append it to the page.

Journal of Scientific Exploration – Experiments Investigating the Influence of Intention on Random and Pseudorandom Events

Dean Radin and Jessica Utts – 1989

Abstract: Eight of 27 experiments using a random event generator provided statistical evidence supporting a claimed correlation between intention and the distribution of random events. Twelve control tests produced results conforming closely to chance expectation.

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From the CIA Reading Room – Evidence for Consciousness-Related Anomalies in Random Physical Systems

freedom of Information Act

Dean I. Radin and Roger D. Nelson. Received May 6, 1988 revised June 12, 1989

Abstract: Speculations about the role of consciousness in physical systems are frequently observed in the literature concerned with the interpretation of quantum mechanics. While only three experimental investigations can be found on this topic in physics journals, more than 800 relevant experiments have been reported in the literature of parapsychology. A well-defined body of empirical evidence from this domain was reviewed using meta-analytic techniques to assess methodological quality and overall effect size. Results showed effects confirming to chance expectation in control conditions and unequivocal non-chance effects in experimental conditions. This quantitative literature review agrees with the findings of two earlier reviews, suggesting the existence of some form of consciousness-related anomaly in random physical systems.

Update: Interesting that the doc link with my original post is no longer working. Fortunately, I downloaded a copy before the file was removed. You can access it below:

Journal Article – Anomalous Cognition and Local Sidereal Time

Sidereal Time

Apparent Association Between Effect Size in Free Response Anomalous Cognition Experiments and Local Sidereal Time

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This paper explores the apparent association of heightened anomalous cognition (AC) or ESP abilities based on earth’s orientation in the universe determined by Local Sidereal Time (LST).

See my blog post about a “Sidereal light” that I built based on this research that alerts me to when my ESP abilities are likely to be the strongest by changing color.

Sidereal Time
Sidereal Time