Through the Ages: EVP Devices Then and Now

The DailyGrail explores the surprisingly robust history of spirit communication devices in their recent post titled Ghost Boxes and Psycho-Phones. From the pre-cursor Ouija boards to current day smartphone apps there’s been a long fascination with capturing voices from the beyond.

As an engineer what I find fascinating is the application of technology. The different approaches used through the ages to “record and hear the voices”.

As mentioned in the article, a 1995 Popular Mechanics article actually categorized the different approaches that can be used, and was the inspiration behind the modern day Spirit Box.

The piece listed four basic ways in which technology could be used “to record and hear the voices” – the Microphone Method, Radio Method, White Noise Method, and the Diode Method. The author, Konstantinos, presented all his information in the typical Popular Electronics style, with little or no mysticism: this was a simple How-To, guaranteed to yield results provided the instructions were followed correctly. 

On my to-do list is to link some designs for these different methods. Have you had success or have built your own spirit communication device? Drop me an email and let me know!

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