US20160283197A1 – Artificial intelligence device and method responsive to influences of mind

With this patent the inventor proposes a more practical application of mind matter interaction (MMI) with a scheme that involves AI and advanced filtering methods that result in increased sensitivity when detecting the effect.

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Inventor: Scott A. Wilber

Abstract: A device for detecting an influence of mind comprises a source of non-deterministic random numbers, SNDRN, a phase-sensitive filter, and a results interface. In some embodiments, the phase-sensitive filter comprises a complex filter. An artificial sensory neuron comprises a SNDRN. An analog artificial sensory detector comprises a plurality of analog artificial sensory neurons, an abstracting processor and a control or feedback unit. Some embodiments include an artificial neural network. An artificial consciousness network contains a plurality of artificial neural networks. One of the artificial neural networks comprises an activation pattern meta-analyzer. An artificial intelligence device comprises a cluster of artificial consciousness networks, a sensory input device to provide sensory input signals to the input of one or more ANNs, and an output device.

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